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Participate in a Session

Use this section to learn about communicating and sharing with participants.

Make a Request

When you have a request, select an option from the Raise Hand menu to notify the Host. All options also show a banner notification visible to all participants on the Session screen.

Raise Hand Menu
Menu Option Request to
Raise Hand Speak in the Session
Request Pause Take a short break
Object to Form Object to form (attorney)

Share Your Screen

Share your screen with all Session participants so they can view what is on your computer screen. You can choose to share your entire screen, a window, or a tab to present audio, video, or files 50 MB or larger. When you share your screen, your selection replaces the camera feed in your video tile. Screen shares are automatically pinned for all participants.

Present Audio, Video, or Large Files

If you would like to present audio, video, or files 50 MB or larger to participants, use the Share Screen option.

Start Sharing Menu
  1. On the Session Toolbar, click the Start Sharing icon.

    The Sharing menu opens.

  2. From the Sharing menu, click Share Screen.
  3. Select your screen, window, or tab.
  4. Click Share.

    Your selection is visible to Session participants.

  5. To stop sharing your screen, click the Start Sharing icon.

Chat with All Participants

Communicate with Session participants by sending messages in the Chat panel. If you want to change a message you have already sent, the panel provides options to edit or delete your messages. When a new message appears in the panel, the new message chime will sound. All Session participants can view the Chat panel.

Chat Panel

Edit Your Chat Messages

The Chat panel provides options for editing or deleting your messages. When you edit a message, the changes immediately update in the Chat panel.

Edit Message
  1. On the Session Toolbar, click the Chat icon.

    The Chat panel opens.

  2. Hover over your message.

    Editing options appear.

  3. To edit your message, click the Edit icon.
  4. To delete your message, click the Trashcan icon.
  5. Make changes to your message.
  6. To accept the changes, click the Checkmark icon.
  7. Optional: To discard the changes, click the X icon.

Mute the New Chat Alert

When a new message appears in the Chat panel, an audible chime sounds. You can mute the chime by toggling the Sound icon off.

Mute New Chat Alert
  1. On the Session Toolbar, click the Chat icon.

    The Chat panel opens.

  2. To toggle the chime off, click the Sound icon.  Sound icon
  3. An X appears on the Sound icon.

If you need to share the Session link, you can copy the link from Session Details. When you share a link, notify the Host so they can admit the participant into the Session.

Session Details Window
  1. On the Session Toolbar, click the More icon.

    The More panel opens.

  2. From the More panel, click Session Details.
  3. Copy the Session link.
    1. Click Copy Session Link
    2. To use the QR code, scan the QR code image.

      The Session link is available from your clipboard.

Share Your Files with Participants

You can use the Session Briefcase panel to upload, introduce, preview, or present files during a Session. The panel also allows you to upload files from your Prevail Briefcase, where you can organize your files before each Session.

When you preview a file that has yet to be introduced or presented, the file is kept private. However, files that are introduced or presented are accessible to all participants.

Introduce a File to a Session

To make a file available to participants, introduce the file to the Session. Once you introduce a file, it appears in the Session Files section of the Briefcase panel for everyone in the Session to access.

Present Documents to Session Participants

Present your documents to participants who can follow along as you navigate the document or add annotations.