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Prevail Sessions User Interface

Use this section to make your way around Prevail Sessions.

When you join a Session, you are taken to the Sessions application, where live proceedings take place. Session participants are displayed in individual video tiles that you can pin for clearer viewing. You can access familiar video conferencing tools, such as screen-share and audio controls, as well as specialized Session panels from the Session Toolbar.

Sessions application

AParticipant Video Tile

Each tile displays a participant’s video feed and speaker label. As additional participants are admitted into the Session, tiles automatically resize to fit the screen. If a participant’s camera is turned off, the participant’s initials or photo will appear in place of the video feed. If you are a Prevail Member, you can add a photo to your user profile from the User Settings menu.

BPin Tile

To focus on a single tile, pin the tile so that it appears larger for clearer viewing. You can pin one or more tiles to the main viewing area of the Session screen by clicking the Pin icon in the tile. Any tiles you pin do not alter the display of other participants and are only visible to you. Screen shares and file exhibits are automatically pinned for all participants.

CSpeaker Label

Each video tile is labeled with the Participant’s name and role. In addition, the audio icon in the tile appears with an X when a participant’s microphone is muted.

DSession Toolbar

Icons on the Session Toolbar provide access to user controls and Session Application panels.

User Controls

The Session Toolbar provides access to specialized Session panels in addition to familiar video conferencing controls. Some toolbar icons may not be visible on smaller screens or resized browser windows. You can access any hidden icons from the More panel.

Session Toolbar

Prevail Logo  Prevail logo

Hover over the Prevail logo for quick access to Prevail Help or the Session URL.

Microphone icon  Microphone icon

Use the Microphone icon to toggle your camera ON/OFF or access audio settings.

Video icon  Video icon

Use the Video icon to toggle your camera ON/OFF or access video settings.

Hand icon  Raise Hand icon

If you would like to make a request, use the Raise Hand menu options.

Share icon  Start Sharing icon

Use the Start Sharing icon to access the screen sharing option.

Settings icon  Settings icon

Use the Settings icon to access captions controls, full-screen mode, Prevail Help, or additional settings options.

Leave  Leave

To exit the current Session, click Leave. To reenter a Session that is still in progress, follow the Session link to request access from the Host.

Session Application Panels

Session panels provide access to specialized views and user controls. You can open any panel from the icons on the right side of the Session Toolbar. Although you can only view one single panel at a time, you can expand and open additional panels in individual browser tabs.

Session Application Screen

Expand a Session Panel

You can expand any Session panel in an individual browser tab for clearer viewing or to display additional details. When you open a panel in a new tab, the panel maintains its full function as if it were on the Session screen. To expand a Session panel, click the Expand icon in the open panel.

Open Panel in New Browser Tab

Briefcase Panel

Upload your exhibit files or view files shared by other participants in the Briefcase panel. You can upload any number of files from your Prevail Briefcase or drag and drop files directly into the Briefcase panel. Once you upload a file to the panel, use the actions drop-down to preview, introduce, or present the exhibit.

Prevail Members have access to all Briefcase panel features. Guests can view the Briefcase panel but do not have permission to upload or present exhibits.

Briefcase panel

Participants Panel

The Participants panel lists each Session participant’s name and role. You can use the panel to view who is currently in a Session or pin a participant’s video tile. To change the order in which participants are listed, click and drag the grid icon near a participant’s name.

Participants Panel

Chat Panel

The Chat panel provides a group chat for the session. You can chat with all session participants in the Chat panel.

Chat Panel

More Panel

The More panel provides access to the events log, session details, and any hidden application panels. If your screen is too small for the Session Toolbar icons to display, hidden panel links appear in the More panel.

More Panel

AI Transcript Panel

During a Session, the AI Transcript panel records spoken dialogue from all participants and displays a rough transcript. Using the panel options, you can add flags to the transcript, create video clips, or playback Session audio.

AI Transcript Panel