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July 31, 2023 update

What’s New


  • Improved support for recording multiple microphones in the same room without cross-talk.
  • Improved layout and sorting for lists of Sessions.


  • Changing your own access level in an organization now has a verification step, to reduce the chances of accidentally demoting yourself.


  • The Privacy Page was reformatted. The text of the policy did not change.

Resolved Issues


  • Resolved errors experienced when adding files in the Briefcase during a Session.

Session Review

  • Resolved issue that was preventing some Session participants from navigating to Session Reviews even after acquiring Review access.
  • When a user is invited to a Session, but the Session had no participants and was canceled, the Session is no longer listed in Dashboard or Sessions.
  • When a user navigates away from the Preflight page by clicking the logo, the browser tab icon for Tab is using camera/microphone now disappears as it should.