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March 22, 2024 update

What’s New

no changes

Resolved Issues

  • API duplicates. GET /api/v1/session_requests now correctly returns unique session requests.
  • Window resizing. Resizing a window no longer causes overlap or sizing issues across the site. Now, user icons and permission dropdowns align properly, Search inputs/buttons on the Transcripts tab stay in place, filters on the Admin Sessions page display correctly, and the Leave Roster button maintains its size. Additionally, the navbar now conditionally collapses based on user permissions, optimizing space for regular users with fewer menu items compared to staff users.
  • Roster page alignment. The Invitee Email input on the Roster page now aligns vertically with the Roster Members title.
  • Session duration limit. Sessions over four hours now process captions and transcriptions without interruption.
  • Solutions carousel. The Solutions carousel is now fully operational on the Prevail marketing site homepage. Sliders now complete 100% of their cycle before moving to the next slide, addressing the premature transition issue observed previously. Additionally, the font weight on the Solutions page has been updated from 600 to 700 for better readability. This release also includes a fix for the copy button issue in the Session Details panel, where it was being partially cut off.

Known Issues

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Documentation Changes

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