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June 7, 2024 update

What’s New

  • New UI: Switch to New Application Layout. The Prevail platform now uses the new application layout. The new layout integrates the updated design system, providing a consistent and modern interface across various pages such as Remote Sessions, Session Review, Briefcase, Roster, Transcript Editor, and more.
  • Visual Updates to Dashboard and Side Navigation. The dashboard and side navigation now align with the current brand palette. Changes include new colors, updated icons, and improved logo spacing. The outdated blue color has been replaced with the latest shade. These updates bring visual consistency across the application until the new dashboard design is finalized.

Resolved Issues

  • Standard Participant Permissions. Standard participants can no longer start, pause, or stop sessions.
  • Preflight Page Login Prompt Fix at Mobile Resolutions. The login link now only shows if the user is not logged in. This update corrects the issue where a login prompt appeared even for logged-in users when viewing the preflight page at mobile resolutions (under 1100px width).