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MAC PC displaying Prevail Session Application

Prevail Sessions Application

When you join a Session, you are taken to the Prevail Sessions application where live proceedings take place. During a Session, Prevail Members have access to specialized Session panels in addition to familiar video conferencing tools. Prevail provides in-Session tools for adding flags to rough transcripts, presenting files and media to participants, creating video clips, and marking exhibits with annotations.

Once a Session has ended, users who have purchased Session Review can access video of individual participants as well as materials created or introduced during the Session. This includes the rough transcript, flags, clips, and all exhibit files. Flags and clips are also available but remain private to the creator.

All Prevail Sessions include a Host and technical support staff to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Join a Session

Once a Session is scheduled, all participants with an email address on file will receive a direct link to join the Session. When you follow the link, you will be directed to the Session sign-in page, where you can either sign in to your account or provide your name and email address. Invited Prevail Members will be taken directly into the Session, while guests will be admitted into the Session by the Host.

Prevail Members

If logged into your Prevail account, following the Session URL link will take you directly into the Session. If you are not logged in, you can sign in from or follow the Session link to sign in. Once you are signed into Prevail, you can access your Sessions from the Dashboard or Sessions page.

Session Sign-In Page

Sign in First

  1. Log in to your Prevail account.
  2. To join a Session from your Dashboard
    1. In the Upcoming Sessions banner, click Join.
  3. To join a Session from the Sessions page…
    1. On the Navigation menu, click Sessions.
    2. In the Actions column, click Join.
  4. To join from the Session link…
    1. Click the Session hyperlink.

      You are taken directly into the Session.

  1. Click the Session hyperlink.

    You are taken to the Session Sign-In page.

  2. Click log in.
  3. On the Prevail Sign-In page, type your credentials.
  4. Click Log In.

    You are taken to the Dashboard page.

Prevail Guests

If you do not have an account with Prevail, you can request to join a Session by following the Session link. Once you submit your credentials, a Session Host will review your information and admit you into the Session.

Session Waiting Room with 'Notify Host' Option
  1. Click the Session hyperlink.

    You are taken to the Session Sign-In page.

  2. Provide your credentials.
  3. Click Request to Join.

    A Host will admit you into the Session momentarily.

  4. If more than 30 seconds have passed, you can click Notify Session Host to notify the Session Host that you are waiting.

Certified Transcript Service

Following each Session, you can request and purchase a Certified Transcript copy our professional staff has reviewed to ensure the highest accuracy. Certified Transcripts are delivered after 10 days unless expedited.

You can request a Certified Transcript from the Session Host or contact Prevail at

Prevail Session Roles

Prevail participants include Guests, Prevail Members, and Session Hosts.


A Guest is a user who does not have an account with Prevail. Guests have limited permissions, such as view-only access to certain Session panels. Prevail Members and Hosts can invite Guests, including deponents or witnesses, to join a session by sharing the direct Session link.


A Prevail Member is a user who has an active account with Prevail. Prevail Members are granted more permissions than Guests, such as the ability to send chat messages or present files.


A participant is anyone present during a Session. Participants include Guests, Members, and Hosts.


A Host is a Prevail staff member who oversees each Session and fulfills the role and responsibilities of a court reporter or Session Manager (respective to State laws). With the full authority to swear in witnesses, stamp exhibits, and start or pause proceedings, Hosts also support participants by answering questions and assisting with technical difficulties.