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Getting Started

This section will guide you through the steps to join a Prevail Session.

To ensure the Prevail Session functions properly for you, check that your network connection, device, and browser meet these requirements:

Internet Connection

Your broadband connection should have a minimum download speed of 10 Mbps and a minimum upload speed of 4 Mbps. A wired connection will generally be more consistent and stable, while faster upload and download speeds may improve image quality and system responsiveness. You can Check Your internet Speed to confirm your connection quality.

Network Security & Firewalls

Firewalls and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) may block or limit access to Prevail Sessions or certain application tools and features. To ensure the best possible experience with your Prevail Session, you may need to configure your network firewall or log out of your VPN. If you need further assistance, please contact your company or firm’s IT department or Prevail Customer Success at

To check your connection, please visit Amazon Chime.

Supported Devices

You will need a laptop or desktop with at least 4GB of RAM to use Prevail Sessions. Prevail supports Windows, Mac, and Linux. For more detailed specifications, please visit Amazon Chime System Requirements. Prevail performs best using Google Chrome on a desktop or a laptop computer; we do not recommend the use of mobile devices, but do provide limited support when necessary (see below).

To test your internet connection speed, please visit Prevail’s Speed Test page.

Supported Browsers

On desktops and laptops, Prevail supports Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. Safari is only supported on iOS.

To download Google Chrome, please visit Google’s Chrome Download page.

Android Support

Android devices perform best using the Google Chrome browser. If you are using an Android mobile device, log in to your Session on the Chrome browser. If you need to download Google Chrome on your Android device, please visit the Google Play Store.

If clicking on the Session Link from a mobile email application, ensure the link is opened directly in the browser. If using Google Mail, tap and hold the link text in the email until a menu appears, and then select Open in Browser. If this does not open Google Chrome, you can also select Copy URL, then open Google Chrome directly and paste the URL into the address bar.

iOS Support

iOS devices perform best using the Google Chrome browser. If you are using an iOS mobile device, log in to your Session on the Safari browser. To download Safari on your iOS device, please visit the App Store.

To open a Session link from an email, copy the link and paste it into your Safari browser. To do this, tap and hold the link text until a menu appears, and then select Copy Link. Next, open your Safari browser and paste the link in the address bar to be taken to your Session.

Best Results

Audio and Video Equipment

Prevail is compatible with the built-in microphone and camera in most laptops. A headset or dedicated microphone will help ensure your speech is audible and clear, especially with noisy backgrounds.

Before joining a Prevail Session, be confident that your system and equipment perform as expected. To ensure your system meets the necessary requirements, we recommend using the Check Your Audio and Video feature. A system check is most beneficial for new users and members who have changed equipment or locations since their last Session. We encourage you to perform a system check before your Session:

  • To schedule a Session to confirm that your network, hardware, and browser work well with Prevail, please visit the Prevail Test Session page.
  • You can connect to a Session for testing up to 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. Use the Check Your Audio and Video link in the Join Page or Waiting Room.
  • When you connect, you may be prompted to your web browser to allow to use your camera and microphone. You must choose Allow for Prevail to function correctly.

Set Up Proper Lighting

Providing adequate lighting is also important for video quality, as is lighting placement. Most appear best on camera using front lighting. If possible, face toward a light source and avoid windows behind you. If you cannot avoid a window in your background, close any window curtains or blinds to reduce glare.